criminal_defenseCivil Rights

Our Civil Rights Attorneys will not only seek recovery of the fees paid in your criminal defense, but also seek recovery for you when you have been subject to excessive force or otherwise mistreated by those in positions of authority.  Our legal system may not punish the wrongdoers, but the injuries that you suffer may include:

  • Time lost from work during your incarceration
  • Medical expenses from excessive force used against you
  • Humiliation, embarrassment, fear, anxiety resulting from your incident.

You are entitled to seek monetary damages resulting from the violation of your Constitutional and civil rights, and our civil rights attorneys will work hard to recover as much money as possible for you, and will not charge you any fees unless we are successful in recovering for you (Costs will remain your responsibility).

You are also entitled to seek to hold those authority figures accountable.

While punishment of police officers and other authority figures is uncommon, when our lawyers have proven that officers have lied during investigations and under oath, the Michigan Attorney General will examine the case to determine whether perjury charges may be appropriate to pursue against the offending officers.