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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys will defend you when you’ve been wrongfully arrested, criminally accused and criminally charged. Unfortunately, your struggle does not end with your exoneration and clearance of the criminal charges.


Our Civil Rights Attorneys will not only seek recovery of the fees paid in your criminal defense, but also seek recovery for you when you have been subject to excessive force or otherwise mistreated by those in positions of authority.


If the “System” seems to weigh against you, in certain circumstances, you are also entitled to seek review from a higher authority.



We fight for your rights
We fight to change the laws.
Because sometimes, the law is wrong.

We fight the law.  248.443.9030


We will

Defend against a criminal charge – clear your name. (Reasonable fees.)

Sue the wrongdoer – get paid for what you’ve gone through.  (No fee unless you win.)

Appeal the decision when it’s just plain wrong. (Fees based on the case.)

Our unique team of skilled advocates provides three types of legal representation: Criminal Defense, Civil Rights Litigation, and Appeals. It is only natural that our attorneys would be skilled in all three areas of practice. Call to find out why it is so important to consider more than just getting yourself out of a bad situation.

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